Workshop executor with Üstün Alsaç and Yonca Hürol, “Famagusta Utopias 2004

International Gazimağusa Symposium, Medi-Trilogy, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Famagusta/ North CYPRUS

We shall come together during the International Gazimagusa Symposium between the days of 12.4.2004 and 16.4.2004 in our Faculty. Tutors are going to be Dr. Yonca Hurol (“the philosopher”), M.Arch. Ceren Bogac (“the Utopian”) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ustun Alsac (“the great”)…

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LabPlace İstanbul Workshop Participant   2004

Workshop executors: Pelin Tan, Zühre Sözeri.

1st Istanbul Architecture Festival organized by Arkitera  Architecture Center, 4-9 October 2004, İstanbul/ TURKEY

Lab-Place İstanbul is a collective initiative organized by Zühre Sözeri (architect) and  Pelin Tan (sociologist, art historian)…

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