Inside the Brutal City

I feel like my body is covering with silver while night is falling into my heart

If you are at the surface and your love is at the bottom; that means you exaggerate yourself and you are close to lose your love. This time it will be different. You are the only unusual thing in this usual world. Your skin is made of pearl; that protects you from the rain. Some of your birds fly to the sun; others are under the ground. If you find yourself untouchable beautiful; your beauty turns into a trap. Get away from that trap; let your birds sing only in your hands. What is this world? Is it a lie, a dream or every day suicide? If we are all deaf, how can we hear the same song? Your eyes are made of crystal; that protects you from the tears. Some of your birds fly over the ocean; others are under the sand. Something wedges my heart into darkness. Something drags my blood from my veins. Life kisses me with its poisoned lips. I breathe an acid air. I taste your flavor in the dark waters. Satan speaks with the language of love. I hear your silence in my room. This life is pressed into two words; birth and death. How caw we face with reality?

Pain teaches how much your heart can be broken when it falls down; knowing that is to understand everything. Time is not passing; we are passing from our lives. What kinds of lives are we living? We will collapse and die in the arms of loneliness someday. All our bodies are full of wounds. When someone strokes them, they start bleeding. This is the prize of opening ourselves to someone; our soul remains in blood. How can we deliver to ourselves to anyone? There will always be someone who is going to hurt you… Where are your birds flying to? Will they turn back some time? Something drags my breath from my lungs. Death kisses me with its honeyed lips. I can’t breathe! I taste your yearning in the cold winters. God speaks with the language of joke. I listen the heart beating of the city coming from outside. My life is pressed into two words; you and I. How can we face with meaningless?

In this city, you will become a pure energy which will keep this city alive…

When the wall that you touch, the floor that you stand on starts breathing with blood, you will hear a sentence such as “i want to live!”; this will make you scared. Every place that you enter and exit, will be your extension, everything that you hand will be a part of you…It will take you inside whenever  you want…You will not possess anything and anything will not possess you. While walking in these spaces you will be able to reflect yourself, and these spaces will be able to watch itself on you..


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