Another city of PEACE: Geneva!

Geneva! Among all those places which I visited through Europe, it is the third inspiring city for me (after Prague and Bergen). At the beginning, it seemed to be so boring since it was extremely organised and silent. However when I had started exploring more and more, walking tens of kilometres, visiting CERN and The United Nation Office, walking around the Lake, enjoying Jet d’Eau, Old town, Saint Peter’s Cathedral, spending time in several amazing Parks (especially in the season of early spring late autumn) with flower clocks, The Broken Chair Sculpture, Reformation Wall, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and several other museums, I felt in love with the place!  I found the same spirit there which I first felt in Prague. After thinking for a while, I noticed that both of the cities have not experienced much wars during their history! Well, once a city is made of PEACE, it always remains at its spirit… And you feel it!

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