“As It Happens” CBC RADIO-Canada

Talking to CBC RADIO-Canada “As It Happens” with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas during the “Famagusta EcoCity Project Phase I” process.
cbc radio

PART THREE (@ “13:36) click to listen

Beautiful beaches, white sands and an array of hotels with Mediterranean views to die for: the resort town of Varosha in Cyprus has everything.

But there is one drawback. If you try to enter it, you stand a good chance of being arrested and detained by the Turkish military.

Cyprus’s inter-ethnic violence has turned the once thriving resort into a ghost town. But now a new project hopes to reverse Varosha’s fortunes — and turn it into a beacon of hope for the long-divided Mediterranean island.

Ceren Bogac is the co-founder of the Famagusta Ecocity Project. We reached her in Famagusta, Cyprus.

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