Edited book(s)

Markides, E., Boğaç, C. Kelly, R. (2019). The Famagusta Ecocity: A New Path for Peace in Cyprus, The Famagusta Ecocity Publishing, Famagusta, Cyprus, ISBN 978-9925-572-86-1

cover design by Ceren Boğaç

Uraz, U. U., Özmen, B., Pulhan, H., Boğaç, C. (2014). Doctoral Studies On Housing, joint Symposium by HERA-C & HREC, Symposium Proceeding Book. Faculty of Architecture, EMU Press, Famagusta.

cover design by Ceren Boğaç
cover design by Ceren Boğaç

Doctoral Studies on Housing

Joint Symposium organized by HERA-C and HREC

20-22 May 2008

Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimağusa, TRNC

Proceeding book of the conference organized by Housing Education Research  Advisory Center (HERA-C), Faculty of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University and Housing Research and Education Center (HREC), İstanbul Technical University

First Edition: March, 2014, Gazimağusa

Printed by: Eastern Mediterranean University 

Edited by:

Türkan Ulusu Uraz

Beril Özmen Mayer

Hıfsiye Pulhan

Ceren Boğaç

Cover Design: Ceren Boğaç  

Copyright © 2008 by Doctoral Studies on Housing, Joint Symposium organized by HERA-C and HREC

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Gazimağusa, TRNC, via Mersin 10 Turkey

Tel: 0090 (392) 630 1049   Fax: 0090 (392) 630 2365

All rights reserved. Apart from brief reference and citation, this publication may not be reproduced by any means without the prior permission of the publisher. Authors are responsible for the content and language of their respective papers.

Dağlı, U., Olgaç Türker, Ö., Faslı, M., Güley, K., Boğaç, C., Uluçay, P.(2007). Medi-triology 2, International Gazimağusa Symposium, Symposium Proceeding Book. E.M.U. Faculty of Architecture.

Information about the The V. International Gazimagusa Symposium 2007

Cyprus, an island of exceptional geographical location, has enhanced her milieu by the diversity of civilizations that existed throughout her narrative. Today, this cultural accumulation is reflected on the magnificent architectural heritage of the Island. The bits and pieces gathered by her witnessing memory helped this divided island raise her voice where the years of silence of her northern part was broken via the chain of Gazimagusa Symposiums that started being organized in 1998. Since then, one of the most important coastal cities of the island, Gazimagusa, has hosted four symposiums organised by the Faculty of Architecture of Eastern Mediterranean University in collaboration with the City’s Municipality.

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