Love of place: Emotional engagements and psychological process

Published conference proceedings.


Bogac, C. (2019). ‘Love of place: Emotional engagements and psychological process’, Environmental Psychology: Humans in their surrounding world, 4th EFPSA Conference, Kampus Hybernská, Prague Czech Republic,ISBN 978-80-263-1554-4, pp.13-18



Through the perspective of my multiple selves, as an architect and environmental psychology scholar, with this study I want to develop an account on the love of place. People have transactional relationships with their places; as people act on their environment, so does the environment on them. This unbroken flow generates emotions that are evoked in a place, cognition that is associated with a place, and an expressed behavior which generates love for a place. The psychological process of this stream has generally been neglected in architecture but has been attracting the interest of the environmental psychology studies for a while. Architecture is an influential tool which shapes the characteristics of a place. In this sense, bonding with a place depends on its architecture to a certain degree. Therefore, architecture should not only respond to the functional requirementsof places but also to their emotional qualities. If people do not attach themselves to their places emotionally and spiritually, they cannot integrate with their living environment which directly affects their well-being. Therefore, understanding the phenomenon of ‘love of place’ is important not only for the domain of psychology, but also for architecture.

Keywords: place, love, attachment, environmental psychology, architecture.

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