Boğaç, C. (2010). Architecture for Meaning: Expression of Social Values through Urban Housing in Gazimağusa, North Cyprus, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing,

ISBN-10: 3838395549 / ISBN-13: 978-3838395548


This study is primarily concerned with social meanings and symbolic definitions that commonly occur as part of environmental design in urban environments. The existing theoretical works both in architecture and environmental design research field on the social and symbolical aspects of architecture were investigated. The stylistic aspects of the designs of the housing developments, which have been constructed in and the immediate vicinity of the town of Gazima?usa, North Cyprus were studied. It is through the review of the existing related literature that the social meanings and prestige values of people have a significant impact on the development of the built environment, just as do their physical and physiological needs. Accordingly, as the literature indicates, such values have significant impact on people’s decisions in respect to their selection of homes. The findings of the study, on the overall, suggest that both symbolic definition and social meaning of a place is as important as its responsiveness to the functional requirements of people.

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