Who am I?

I am an Architect, a constructor of Worlds, a sensualist who worships the flesh, the melody, a silhouette against the darkening sky… ” Lebeus Woods

I am an architect interested in the ways in which people’s ways of lives are translated into spatial dimensions or architectural language.I was born in Famagusta on 1979. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Eastern Mediterranean University  of the Architecture programme. I have a Master in Architecture Program and Ph.D. in Environmental Psychology from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Department of Architecture. My specific areas of expertise are architectural psychology, environmental meaning, environmental design, socio-architecture and place attachment studies. I have given lectures related to the interplay between human beings and environment for more than 10 years. I have publications in environmental meaning and place attachment studies both at national and international levels. Between 2010-2011, I got scholarship from the European Commission and completed 1.5 years research about ‘Intercultural dialogue and active learning in design studio’ at Academy of Art Design and Architecture in Prague/ Czech Republic. I have involved in many civil society projects based on ‘human rights’ which were funded by European Union. Between 2008-2010 I worked as project coordinator of one of those projects that took place in London & Brighton & Manchester /UK, Brussels / Belgium and Malta / Malta. Currently, I am working as one of the core members of another internationally known bicommunical project called ‘The Famagusta Ecocity Project’. Besides my academic works, I have many awarded and published short stories in Turkish. I am a board member of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism INTBAU Cyprus Chapter and  Housing Education, Research & Advisory Center of Faculty of Architecture EMU.

My Specialization

Architectural Psychology

Architectural psychology generally is described as a branch of environmental or ecological psychology. The science deals with the psychological processes of the interaction between people and their environment such as spatial perception, spatial thinking, orientation behavior,  spatial experience, territorial behavior, living requirements, satisfaction and local identity.

Environmental Meaning

How does a space (or building) carry meanings in human settlements? If one considers architecture as transformation of social, ideological, scientific, philosophical or religious values into concrete physical forms, then it becomes possible to see the physical forms as means of visual communication for people and architecture as vehicle to communicate meanings in human societies.

Place Attachment Studies

The term place attachment is often used to refer to the bonding of people to particular place.

Environmental Design

Environmental design generally refers to the applied arts and sciences dealing to improve understanding of the interrelationships between people, their built and natural surroundings, and helping to create environments responsive to human needs.


The term refers for studying the social factors that cause environmental problems, the societal impacts of those problems, and efforts to solve the problems. It is one of the linking sciences between the person and the built environment.


Science-fiction Cyber-Punk Design

Graphic design

Fine Arts

Scuba Diving

Egyptian Mythology and Architecture

Human-Rights Activism