Post-graduate Response

A Criticism

on Noam Austerlitz & AvigailSachs’s paper “Community, Collaboration & Communication in the Design Studio”,International Architectural Education panel, Design Studios Teaching practices Open House Internstional Journal,  April 2006

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Famagusta/ North CYPRUS

Ceren Boğaç, Ali Tanrıkul, Yara Saifi

Three papers were selected as they won the first three awards of the International Architectural Education Competition entitled “Alternative Educational Ways for Teaching and Learning Architectural Design,” which was organized in 2005 by Open House International and the Faculty of Architecture, Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus. Results were announced in April 2006 and the three winners were JOONGSUB KIM (1st Prize); NOAM AUSTERLITZ & AVIGAIL SACHS (2nd Prize); and GUITA FARIVARSADRI & USTUN ALSAC (3rd Prize).

PhD student Ceren Bogac, with her colleges Ali Tanrikul and Yara Saifi made a spontaneous role-play criticism of the NOAM AUSTERLITZ & AVIGAIL SACHS (2nd Prize)’s paper during the panel discussions.

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