Not a heroic story but a humanitarian act

“All kind of art is politics” Baki Boğaç

During his entire life, my father always said whatever he wanted trough his art. To him, making sculptures is building life again and again with the products molded with philosophy. His main philosophy always circled around love, balance and peace.

‘Risky Travels’ displays the unusual story of how  an artist (Turkish Cypriot architect and sculptor, Baki Bogac) found, saved and finally returned the works of a Greek Cypriot artist, Andy Adamos, who had left them behind in Famagusta after 1974. This a tale of not a heroic but a humanitarian act that he wanted to tell through his sculptures for so many years.

“My sculptures are like my flesh and bones…” Baki Boğaç

Discovered and saved sculptures, paintings, photos and other objects which Andy  left behind in his studio in Famagusta, were delivered back to his family in Paphos after two decades.  After Baki confided his story to the American Council’s Director, and during an art exhibition titled “Brushstrokes Across Cultures”, he asked for her help to deliver this collection to its rightful owner. The delivery took place in 1993, three years after Adamos’ death.

Even today when he talks about the first time he was Adamo’s studio abandoned, vandalised and upside down, he trembles. What if this would happen to him? How would we feel…

“The most humanitarian thing for a person to do is art.” Baki Boğaç

The exhibition is curated by Sergis Hadjiadamos and Yiannis Sakellis and  opened by the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades on 5 May (2017) (that is the birthday of Baki) in the context of the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, at the old electrical authority building, Palia Ilektriki, in Pafos.

Place: Palia IlektrikiDuration: 5th of May 2017 – 4 of June 2017, 16:00 – 19:00
Baki Boğaç at the exhibition place
I was so honored to help my father to deliver his peace message to Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades and other participants in English
Sergis Hadjiadamos (co-cruator), Nikos Anastasiades, Sezin and Baki Boğaç
Exhibition Hall
Me and Münise at the exhibition hall (with my balance sculpture- private collection)
Adamos and Boğaç families together
Celebrating Baki’s 66th birthday together
European Capital of Culture 2017: Paphos


Production Coordinator – Curator: Sergis Hadjiadamos (Visual Artist)

Production Coordinator – Curator: Yiannis Sakellis (Visual Artist)

Assistant Coordinator: Dr. Ceren Bogac (Architect & Environmental Psychologist)

Printing of woodcuts and etchings: Kimonos Art Center

Video: Charalambos Margarites

Poster Design: S.H. Instant Ad Ltd Invitation

Design: S.H. Instant Ad Ltd

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