EFPSA 2019 Conference -Environmental psychology: “Humans in their surrounding world”

I had great time with psychology students coming all over the Europe to the “4th EFPSA Conference, 2019, Environmental psychology: Humans in their surrounding world”. I feel so honored to represent Cyprus as being the invited Environmental Psychology scholar & speaker and represent Eastern Mediterranean University in this regard.


The conference is organized by the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) which is a very reputable federation currently consists of 33 psychology member organizations all over the Europe. I have been working in this field since 2000. With my multiple selves as an architect and environmental psychology scholar, I hope to contribute to inseparable relations between the human psychology and architecture. I wish to thank organisation committee and all those beautiful students for their interest and amazing energy!

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EFPSA Conference

The EFPSA Conference is a biennial event which places a particular emphasis on its scientific programme. It brings together around 150 students from all over Europe for four days of lectures and workshops held by professionals from all over the world. 

The EFPSA Conference will be taking place between the 21–24 November 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic. 

The Conference is organized by a team of students from all the departments of psychology across the Czech Republic. 

During the Conference, there is an open day, which consists of approximately 30 students from the hosting country/region joining the Conference for one day, to get an opportunity to learn, partake in the lectures and network with the participants. 

Environmental psychology: “Humans in their surrounding world 

From natural elements, colors, climate changes, population levels, urbanism or architecture, to modern technologies, ecological interconnectedness of humans with the world and their social background. At first sight, all the mentioned terms might seem very heterogenous and random, but truth is, that they are all elegantly connected by the scientific domain of Envirnomental Psychology.This relatively young psychological discipline was established in the 1960s and has been changing its specific focus over time. However, it is built around one particular question, which is How does the environment impact our experience, behaviour and well-being, and in the same time, how do we impact the environment by our activity?By its novelty it is reacting to real and actual topics and thus,it is helping us to understandthehumanbeingand the surrounding world. Therefore the goal of our conference is to provideparticipantswiththe insight to the research and erudite perspective of the leading professionals of the field and open adiscussion about actual topics inthisfield of Psychology.



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