Meaning of Architecture for Communities in Transformation



INTBAU Cyprus cordially invites you to the International conference entitled “Meaning of Architecture for Communities in Transformation

Date: 9 May 2013- thursday

Time: 10:00- 17:00

Place: Bedesten Nicosia, Cyprus

Today’s political, economical and environmental crises have caused a new paradigm of societal transformation all around the world. Such periods in history had always particularly challenged sustaining of the communities. Recent developments taking place as a part of continuous crises, such as changing and/or conflicting values within any context, involuntary relocations, migrations and change of boundaries of the formerly known territories, have threaten the social, cultural and architectural values which constitute the essence of the communities. The question of how to sustain and empower communities through architecture in the era of crises is very critical, which is aimed to be discussed during the INTBAU International Conference ‘Meaning of Architecture for Communities in Transformation’. The conference also intents to provide insights; to the meaning and role of heritage and identity for communities in transformation; to the depiction of traditional building elements as a system of communication for sustainable communities; and to reinterpret traditional architecture as a bridge between past and future of a society.

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 »More about the conference

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