Stories for Peace

Amelia and Me at Walledcity Famagusta

We shared two ‘peace’ stories with the editor in chief of Amelia and her partner Josh. This inspiring couple created an online platform for travel video/ bloggers to share their stories. There are many ways for peace making; art, architecture, storytelling, permaculture, economy and many more. Our first story came from art in which my father talked all about the “Risky Travels”.  Second story followed as “The Famagusta Ecocity Project” which displays great potential for a peaceful co-existence. Thanks to Amelia and Josh for making us part of their stories in Cyprus.

Me, Munise and Amelia, hanging out in Famagusta

Josh and Amelia, interview with Baki Bogac


‘Risky Travels’ Exhibition 2017

13179051_1091948427542584_5907603004612964482_nIn August of 1974, artist from Paphos, Andy Adamos, abandons his art studio in Famagusta, with all the body of his art works in it. Many years later, a Turkish Cypriot architect and artist Baki Boğaç  discovered Andy Adamos’ studio, and decided to safe keep the artworks, and to return them to their rightful owner when he would have the chance to.

In 1993, three years after Andy Adamos passed away, Baki Boğaç succeeds in contacting Adamos’ family, and delivers the salvaged body of work, their existence that was unknown for two decades.

In 5th of May 2017, and for a whole month, at the Old Powerhouse in Pafos, 41 years after, the ‘lost’ works of Adamos will be presented for the first time to the public, within the context of the Risky Travels Exhibition. The exhibition will also contain a selection of sculptures from Baki Boğaç,  so that the two artists, their paths that were so paradoxically crossed, can finally unite through their work and their art.

The exhibition is organised by Sergis Adamos 

with the coordination of Adamos and Boğaç families.


Two artists could not met in person… Yet their art works will unite together in Paphos 2017


If the water freezes into an unknown city...

Who can put her heart on a piece of paper? The whole world is in vain, you start to feel your hair as a rain… The words of vine are infinitive. The summers are all same; you start disperse with the ink of the night… my heart just likes a far and innocent cue…  this cue says “…if you adore to love, love from your heart; if it breaks off, let it break off your heart!”. Who can tell from which rivers we are flowing to the sea; from which river to you?.. Look at to the sea, to the horizon line; your face is at the blue color of horizon line and my face stands on that line.  I am an arrow coming through you, can I turn back? While I am burning, the candle light grows more. Who can tell that “love” is not being alone?

Every separation is coming together,

Every coming together is a sad separation…

How many pomes stand between us? How many cities? Without a lie, there is always poet blood in poem. That’s why love bleeds with poems… time had stopped, my heart had stopped when I kissed you. Everything flows from inside to out. My words got lost! I cannot find any word to write…

I shall form a city to be together with you there!