Towards a new city


I was thinking about a new place for the characters of the Crash movie… These people were unsettled, displaced, incompatible people who lives outside of the circle! My first sketch was as follows:

Somehow I thought that this new city must be attached to the existing one. However there was only a very fragile bond which was keeping them together- just like the characters of the Crash movie who were tied with fragile bonds to the life. The city was combination of many pieces which were scattered around from a crash: Blood, steel and concrete were all there. Time after time new pieces were gathering together, they were sticking to each other…Since this city was flowing in the air, it was taking people inside by teleportation. That was the only way to reach there…

This new city was made out of steel and blood, it was ALIVE! The city was breathing with its every move. The floors, walls, surfaces were moving, hearing, smelling of its own inhabitance. It was a symbiosis of the space and the user, integrating together as ONE. The critical parts of the city were all protected by steel, others were all fragile skin.

This city has a heart. It is protected by a steel cover. However this heart can beat without the body. If anything harms the rest of the city, the heart can separate itself from the main part and wait until the correct pieces comes and get attached to it. This way it can uniform again the whole city, it has never stop beating…


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