“No Man’s House” Documentary

Yesterday we talked with  Hansjürgen Schmölzer and Gerfried Guggi from Austrian public Television ORF about current situation in Cyprus, our projections and future expectations from art and architecture point of views,  for their documentary.

We would like to thank them for including us to their exclusive documentary about reflecting the historic development and current social and socio-cultural situation of today´s life in the abandoned houses and villages in both parts of Cyprus, that had to be left by their initial inhabitants and owners in the course of the military and political events of the Cyprus conflict of 1974.

The documentary will  premiere on Television in January next year on the event of the opening of Pafos 2017 European Capital of Culture. A bicommunal sculpture exhibition of Baki Bogac and Andy Adamos will also take place in Paphos for the occasion #UnitedByHope .

»Link to the documentary



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