III. Sand Sculpture Festival 2009


Ceren Boğaç, Yara Saifi, Deniz Sarı, Hacer Başarır and Barçın Boğaç  


We, naming us the ‘Sculps’ team, participated 3rd Sand Sculpture Festival organized by the EMU Departments of Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, and Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design together with EMU-Activity Center.

People including students in all the universities in Cyprus participated in this activity. Organizers believed thatthis event will contribute to enriching the cultural and artistic background of university students and to strengthening their social relationships through interacting with each other.  The festival gave participants the opportunity to design and build sculptures, using a new approach and a natural material, even if for just one day.

3rd Sand Sculpture Festival took place on 31st of May and was attracted by hundreds of people on the EMU Beach Club. Hundreds of people from different backgrounds and age groups were worked to create their sand sculptures from 9 am to 5pm.

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