“Famagusta Utopias” Multimedia Show

Need to Dream


Üstün Alsaç, Ceren Boğaç, Pınar Alsaç

UIA World Congress of Architecture, İstanbul/ TURKEY


Observing Gazimağusa city’s real world situation and people’s overt behavior has only been on the agenda of academicians in a limited number of symposiums or academic studies mostly in the form of written papers, to which normal citizens or administrators do not have access.

In April 2004, it was intended to play with ideas and extend our knowledge about the city, which we are living in, with group of participants (out of tutors, students and citizens) and we executed a workshop under the title of “Need to Dream – Gazimağusa Utopias”.

In this workshop, after group discussions related with the both physical and social problems of the city, participants presented their futuristic ideas related to some problems of the city by using different techniques such as montage, drawings and etc…

In our daily lives image is an important factor for us at each single object we posses or we contemplate. The purpose of these thinking and producing of futuristic dreams, ideas and designs were aimed to make participants be aware of buildings as inseparable elements of our visual world with their images.

Since these activities were in accordance with the subject of the UIA Congress 2005 in Istanbul under the title “Celebration of Cities” we decided to bring our work there to be discussed in a broader forum.

We are intending to run a continuous slide show, showing the results of these works. We also want to make some posters out of selected visual material to attract attention to this subject and to show the existing situation in the city. We shall also be ready to take part a topical meeting to discuss our ideas with participants and guests of the congress.

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