Border-Land New Social Housing 2009

CerenBogac design

International Workshop at Master Studies

28-31 January 2009, Gazimağusa, North Cyprus

Organized by HERA-C (Housing, Education, Research, Advisory Center)

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, North Cyprus

with the contribution of

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  School of Architecture & Planning

Workshop Coordinators:

Dr.  Beril   Özmen-Mayer (EMU Faculty of Architecture/Department of Architecture/ Vice Director of HERA-Center)  &  Prof.   Jan  Wampler (MIT Department of Architecture/  Director of  Undergraduate Architecture Design Program/Coordinator of International Workshops)

EMU Group

Part-time Instructor  Ceren Boğaç, who handles organization in corporation with the Faculty Administration, HERA Center members and Workshop Coordinators.

A  Helping Cruise, which consist of the experience PhD assistants from EMU to help the workshop organization with certain duties: Erdas Kuruc, Yara Saifi, Fodei Conteh

Master Students from EMU

MIT Group

Joseph Michael O’Connor , Danielle Collinsworth Brown , Lisa Kristin Hedstrom, Adam Benjamin Galletly, Ryan Doone, Lara Davis, Travis Patrick Sheehan


Beyond the border of Famagusta, the buffer zone of Maras-Varosha, or the Ghost City, can be seen. As a result of the fragmentation of the Maras district over the past four decades, the direction of urban development along the seafront ceased and turned almost completely inland. This area boasts architecture reflective of local cultural values and practices of Cyprus. The proximity and general condition of the Turkish side creates a hybrid phenomenon. Due to significant changes in population and demographics, the architecture in the borderline areas in the Mara? district has been partly abandoned and remains largely vacent, unattended and unmaintained, lacking basic facilities and resembling a squatter area.

The MIT-EMU Boderland Housing Design Studio emphasizes the importance of introducing architects to “the real life situations” for which they are designing, giving students an opportunity to develop understanding and empathy for the citizens of North Cyprus, their lifestyles and culture, in order to determine the parameters of an appropriate and human housing project that will accommodate the people of the region. MIT and EMU students will collaborate on designs for schemes offering around 200 units, including support facilities for low-income people with low to medium intensity solutions tailored to the needs of the people.


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