Stories for Peace

Amelia and Me at Walledcity Famagusta

We shared two ‘peace’ stories with the editor in chief of Amelia and her partner Josh. This inspiring couple created an online platform for travel video/ bloggers to share their stories. There are many ways for peace making; art, architecture, storytelling, permaculture, economy and many more. Our first story came from art in which my father talked all about the “Risky Travels”.  Second story followed as “The Famagusta Ecocity Project” which displays great potential for a peaceful co-existence. Thanks to Amelia and Josh for making us part of their stories in Cyprus.

Me, Munise and Amelia, hanging out in Famagusta

Josh and Amelia, interview with Baki Bogac


Sharing the vision for an integrated, environmentally and economically sustainable Famagusta

It has never been easy to put 40 years of division into words… It is even harder to picture the socio-psychological, environmental and economic problems occurred by this division. We would like to thank Valerie Gauriat from Euronews and Crewhouse to give us chance to discuss about our vision for an integrated, environmentally and economically sustainable city that could easily be a model for peace in Cyprus. The bicommunal Famagusta Ecocity Project has become an umbrella concept that was embraced by extensive number of  bi-communal work groups for a sustainable and peaceful coexistence in the island.


The Crewhouse, Andreas Lords, me and  Valerie Gauriat


Photo by Zoe Lordos


ESTIA Conference “Building Sustainable Communities” 2014

I am honoured to be invited to the 11th ESTIA Conference on “Building Sustainable Communities”  2014 hosted by the University of Maine, USA. As a supporter of healthy, peaceful and eco-friendly life, I strongly believe that only respecting biological diversities and natural sources, as well as carrying every single creature on this planet, could save us from our self destruction. And this is only possible by building sustainable communities who respects these values.


“ESTIA was created as a means to advocate and support cultural and biological diversity and the preservation of vital living systems. The organization’s members work to develop workshops, courses, conferences and hands-on opportunities for people who are in need of exploring the realities of global interdependence. Members can be involved in many ways, from taking an active role in the on-going local or international planning and program development to attending educational events. As an educational community ESTIA serves as a catalyst for linking ecology and peaceful coexistence. As international citizens of an interconnected planet, we believe that we must participate physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually in the restoration of the indigenous and earth-based wisdom tradition of our world.

In practice, ESTIA has many members who work on projects across the globe in concert with this mission. On the local level ESTIA hosts a yearly conference centered around themes of ecology and peace or what we’ve come to know as “EcoPeace” as well as academic courses, community scale workshops, potluck suppers, storytelling events, permaculture courses and implementations.” taken from ESTIA web-site

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