Urban Intervention: The Howard S. 2012 Wright Design Ideas Competition for Public Space 2012


INVOID FORUM is an urban void of opportunities, a void forum, within the cultural center of Seattle where local and international visitors of all ages together with users across the campus shall gather for cross-cultural dialogue to be set in place. It is the collective void of mind and presence, of thought and creativity. Within this void, the embedded infrastructures foster creative civic engagement as well as public art and performances through the enabled sense-based compositions specific to a variety of uses.

This space of “sensations” works through a variable parametrical system of pores, poles and prominences that constitutes the textured surface of the INVOID FORUM:

Pores: The pores are holes on the surface that will collect water in rainy days and store for water shows in the arena. They are holes to give out light/water/steam.

Poles: Hydraulic springs of poles with adjustable heights acting as generators of emerging spatial possibilities in the void. Poles shall alternatively have cloths surrounding them to be used as surface, space definer, screen etc.

Prominences: Projections on surface to be used as seating elements, space definers, structural bases for temporal settings, etc.

These parametrical tools of opportunities provide a forum for a variety of sensational settings as such:

senseVoid: Opportunity of creating space within space through the tactile tactics enabled to enhance perception and definition of space.

Voidvision: The surfaces and beams of light can be composed resulting different daytime and nighttime images of light.

soundVoid: The texture of holes giving out sound

INVOID FORUM is the space for all (Seattle) which embodies the space of own!
Entrant Information

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Team Members / Design Credits:
Esra Can Akbil, Architect, ETIKA Studio; Emre Akbil, Architect, ETIKA Studio; Ceren Bogac, Architect & Environmental Psycologist, EMU; Mohsen Shojaee Far, Architect, Photographer, & Urban Designer, EMU; Koorosh Ghotb, Architect; Sebnem Onal Hoskara, Architect & Urban Designer, EMU; Amir Rashidi, Architect.

Juried Entry

Design Statement and Analytic Concept Sketch

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