Do we really belong to our places for a lifetime?

Speed of life is fast, -perhaps too fast! We are experiencing it within all aspects. We are moving. And our places are moving with us too. Places are not stable entities any more…

Even speed of life is fast and everything is moving, ‘Belongingness’ still stays Abraham Maslow’s list of hierarchy of needs. As Malsow described people whose physical and security needs satisfied, strive for the fulfillment of ‘love and belongingness’ need to be belonged to someone, some group, some place etc. People’s belongings are an extension of his personality, and ‘places’ are major actors to define one’s identity. Physical settings reflect and help shape people’s understanding of themselves both as individuals and as members of group. That’s why people put years of effort into transforming their ‘houses’ into ‘homes’ that in turn reflect their individuality and/or identity.

Many researchers has already showed that past experiences of people give shape to an unique emotional dimension that bonds people to their houses through a strong relationship with their culture. People need to experience the environment as a pattern of meaningful relationships and to do so, they use their previous experiences and time, and experience is required for the full development of three dimensional visions.

Attachment to a place grows just as our self-evaluation process does. Our grand-mothers were living in the same house may be for a lifetime. At their society level, this relates with shared values, ideas and past experiences coming from the same culture that bonds them to certain geographies.

What about us and our children? Does our children’s development of three-dimensional vision different than ours, in this fast-food, fast-move, and fast-consumption age? Do we see ‘places’ as our grand mother does? Do we live in same kind of places? Do we belong to our places as our grandmothers do? Do we really belong to our places for a lifetime?

A New City Which Will Grow With the Changing Memory of It’s Users: FUNGI CITY


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  1. eleni says:

    my dear Ceren,
    as usual, you amaze me with the way you bring forward your thoughts.
    I love to read you and hopefully in the nearest future i will be able to make some valuable contribution to your blog. regards from a cloudy nicosia at this moment. 12.26pm on a friday —

    1. cerenbogac says:

      Thank you Eleni mou! You know, I have started writing a blog with your encouragement. Prague is -3 degree C, yet sunny and quite today…I wish to see you some time soon- somewhere-

  2. hossein ahmadi saray says:

    This is impressive
    By permission, I share it on Facebook

    1. cerenbogac says:

      Thank you Hossein.For sure you can share it. best-

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