The book of “I like Europe”

I would like to thank once again to Amélie and Caroline for making me part of this book in which as they expresses tried to “understand what we share, what we hope for, what our historic and cultural references are across the continent, what is good and what is difficult about being young in Europe, but also what the political/social solutions are in some country that could inspire others..We address subjects like employment, love and marriage, the grand parent’s Second World War, politics and the far right, religion, artistic creation etc. Thought these important themes, we want to draw a portrait of a new European generation; we want to hear the voices of inspiring youths.” They made me realise that once you tell the ‘true story’, you don’t need to scream. The whole world hears it one way or another… There is always someone who will hear you…

020304 The book of “I Like Europe” by Caroline Gillet & Amelie Fontaine

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  1. elyaks says:

    What a nice and inspiring blog hocam, i would really like to have a copy of ‘I LIKE EUROPE” because am also in passionate of such kind of initiatives. Good job Hocam.

    1. cerenbogac says:

      Thank you so much.

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